Beaufort Ward

Pyrenees Shire is my tier of local Government and I live, work and vote in the Beaufort ward, see map below.


beaufort ward

Beaufort Ward – Cr Michael O’Connor

Phone: 0437 662 295

Cr Michael O’Connor’s professional background is in personnel, training and development in a wide range of industries.

Cr O’Connor moved to the Pyrenees Shire in January 2000 and lives at Waterloo, where he runs a small farm and is actively involved in the CFA and Landcare. Since joining the Council, Cr O’Connor has served as a Director of the Highlands Regional Waste Management Association and is currently a member of the School Council of the Beaufort Secondary College.  He is married to Judy and has four adult children.

Cr O’Connor was re-elected in October 2012.

Pyrenees Shire

Pyrenees Shire is divided into five wards. De Cameron Ward includes Moonambel, Warrenmang, Landsborough, Crowlands, Glenlofty and Glenpatrick. Avoca Ward includes Avoca, Percydale, Rathscar and Homebush. Ercildoune Ward includes Lexton, Mount Lonarch, Raglan, Waterloo and Ercildoune. Beaufort Ward includes Beaufort and Middle Creek. Mount Emu Ward includes Lake Goldsmith, Mena Park, Mount Emu, Snake Valley and Carranballac.

Features of the council

Pyrenees Shire Council covers 3433.39 sqKm.

Pyrenees Shire is divided into five wards. There is a total of five councillors.

Current Councillors

Avoca Ward (1 councillor)

Beaufort Ward (1 councillor)
O’CONNOR, Michael

De Cameron Ward (1 councillor)
VANCE, Robert J.

Ercildoune Ward (1 councillor)
CLARK, David

Mount Emu Ward (1 councillor)
KEHOE, Tanya


The Beaufort Ward Map