Social Liberalism

I shall nail my flag to the post, I wished there was a political party that held these ideals in Australia….Left-liberalism (Social Liberalism):

Individuals uphold individual liberty to run their own lives as they see fit, to run businesses ethically for a profit while excepting taxation of the market to provide social benefits for those in need.

They believe in universal free educational from kindergarten to university level.

They tend to see themselves as seeking balance between individual liberty and social justice, and to be in favor of multiculturalism, secular government, and international cooperation.

They believe in the rule of law that is compassionate and fair for all. While they are typically skeptical of state/federal involvement in social affairs, they nevertheless see a legitimate role for the state/federal in combating discrimination and ensuring equal treatment.

Thanks to the Washington Post for some the words.

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This post is part of the “My Wannon Electorate Project”.The Democratic process is a two way street. We in Australia are obliged to vote for federal, state and local governments. This is my way to engage with the people who are elected to represent me in the various tiers of Government. @3373 @DanTehan ‪@Louisestanley‬ ‪@MichaelOConnor‬ #3373 #DanTehan ‪#‎Louisestanley‬ ‪#‎MichaelOConnor‬ I hope you do the same because by talking to each other, we can understand each other better and make our world a better place