Your vote matters the least.

Well it seems like the right time to say it your vote matters the least.

Nah hear me out…

Geeze mate could ya stop shouting for a sec?!!

Nah! NAH! Mate shut up and listen will ya?

Once in every few years you get to vote, state, federal, local some cases there are two people in some levels who are your representatives, YOUR REPRESENTATIVES!!!

This post is part of the “My Wannon Electorate Project”. The Democratic process is a two way street. We in Australia are obliged to vote for federal, state and local governments. This is my way to engage with the people who are elected to represent me in the various tiers of Government. @3373 @DanTehan ‪@Louisestanley‬ ‪@MichaelOConnor‬ #3373 #DanTehan ‪#‎Louisestaley‬