The taxation System

To the honorable member for Wannon Mr Dan Tehan,

Firstly congratulations upon your re election.

I believe strongly the taxation system in Australia is broken and needs changing. I understand the government is seeking change also. As a elector in Wannon I would like to share with you some ideas for change.

Firstly by increasing the tax free threshold to the minimum wage threshold.

Increasing the amount that people on all forms of government pensions can earn before their benefits are effected to the minimum wage threshold.

Increasing the GST to 15% with no exceptions.

Abolishing mandatory tax returns for individuals earning under the minimum wage

Making middle/high income earners responsible for their own taxation payments

Making middle/high income earners responsible for their own superannuation payments.

Allowing small business to have an “account” to pay their tax into as often & or irregularly as needed over a 12 month period. With negative amounts having a 3month grace after the EOFY to be paid. Positive amounts an indefinite credit. Tempered by the “trading insolvently” clause in the company act. This will also some what relieve the paper work compliance on small to medium businesses.

Creating a “safe haven” for assets of all kinds. Where assets in the “safe haven” are unable to used for collateral for leveraging nor are they available to debtors if they are in the declared safe haven. This available only to individuals who hold assets in their name, “think roof over our head kids in school ideal”, not corporate structures.

I believe by changing the taxation system of mainly the lower income portion of society that will have the greater of all effect for good and will reinvigorate the economy in many positive ways.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions and concerns.

Cameron Russell

This post is part of the “My Wannon Electorate Project”. The Democratic process is a two way street. We in Australia are obliged to vote for federal, state and local governments. This is my way to engage with the people who are elected to represent me in the various tiers of Government. @3373 @DanTehan @Louisestanley @MichaelOConnor #3373 ‪#‎DanTehan‬ ‪#‎Louisestaley